Summary of Iowa Report Card Ratings

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Congratulations on 2016 Iowa School Report Card Ratings!!
To view a summary of Lynnville-Sully ratings, click HERE

L-S celebrates academic excellence at school-wide assembly (Hometown Press article)

Lynnville-Sully students, staff, school board members, community supporters, and four guest speakers, including three members of the Iowa Legislature and the director of the Iowa Department of Education, gathered for an all-school assembly on Friday, Jan. 21, to celebrate the Lynnville-Sully Community School District’s recent achievements in the Iowa Report Card.

The assembly began with an introduction by L-S Superintendent Shane Ehresman, followed by a presentation showing the report cards for the elementary, middle school, and high school. The elementary school was given a commendable rating. Both the middle school and high school were given exceptional ratings and were rated the number one middle school and number one high school in all of Iowa, across all classes.

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Next, Mrs. Teri Bowlin, preK-8 principal, gave her congratulations to the students, staff, and community. She also spoke about how one’s education is something that can never be taken away.

The guest speakers were the next to congratulate the school district. First, Iowa’s State Representative from the 28th District, Greg Heartsill, gave his congratulations and encouraged the school district to strive further.

“I think you have to be dedicated, focused, and willing to do hard work to achieve great things,” said Representative Heartsill. “This is why this award is a reflection of the entire community. These disciplines that are developed in the classrooms are the key to success.”

Next, Iowa State Senators from the 14th and 15th Districts, Senator Amy Sinclair and Senator Chaz Allen, respectively, shared why they think this celebration is important.

"I think this assembly is important because it allows us to recognize the hard work that goes into these accomplishments, and these accomplishments are completely valid to celebrate,” said Senator Sinclair. “It's an important philosophy to value these efforts.”

Finally, the Director of the Iowa Department of Education, Ryan Wise, gave his compliments to the staff and community as a whole. He had the K-5, middle school, and high school each stand while he shared something from their portion of the report card that was particularly impressive.

The staff and students at L-S had a positive reaction to this assembly.

"A good education is something I’ve valued my whole life,” said L-S K-3 Title 1 Reading Teacher Mrs. Jill Philby. “This assembly is a great way to show our student body that these efforts will take them far in life."

“It’s great to see this achievement,” said senior Kristine Jaennette. “I’m grateful not only for the teachers and administration, but also for the community for emphasizing the importance of academics.