L-S Summer Activities FAQ (05-22-20)

posted May 22, 2020, 2:34 PM by Webmaster lynnville-sully

Lynnville-Sully CSD

Summer Activities Frequently Asked Questions      May 22, 2020

Will there be a high school baseball and softball season?

Yes. The Department of Education has released guidance allowing for baseball and softball only.

When will high school baseball and softball season practices start?

Practices are permitted to begin June 1. The Lynnville-Sully baseball and softball coaches will be in contact with students and families about specific dates and times.

When will high school baseball and softball season games start?

June 15. Please check the Lynnville-Sully activities calendar at http://www.lshawks.org/district/calendars Will there be a junior high season?

No. Recent guidance released by the Department of Education only authorized high school baseball and softball.

What measures are in place to ensure the safety of coaches and athletes?

●  Players should use their own gloves, helmets, and bats as much as possible.

●  Coaches are responsible for ensuring social distancing is maintained between players as much as


●  Players must bring their own water/beverage to consume during and after practice. No shared drinking

fountains, portable hydration stations, or coolers may be used.

●  Coaches must sanitize shared equipment before and after each practice.
●  Players and coaches should check their temperatures before attending practices.
●  Anyone with symptoms of illness is not allowed to practice.
●  Players are encouraged to provide their own hand sanitizer.

●  Coaches must ban the spitting of sunflower seed shells.

Will there be a ticket taker at games?
    Yes. Ticket takers will wear masks and gloves. Admission will be changed to $5 for adults and students will be allowed entry free of charge.

    Can fans sit in the bleachers during baseball and/or softball games?

    Yes, but bleacher seating will be limited. However fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs or stand. Fans should practice social distancing between different household units and accept personal responsibility for public health guidelines.

    What changes are being made to the baseball and softball schedules?

    Our season game schedule will be updated on rSchool and on the school’s Google Calendar. Post-season dates

    have slightly changed but state tournaments will not go beyond August 1st.

    Will there be a concession stand?

    No. Per IHSAA and IGHSAU guidelines, no concession stands will be allowed.

    Will bathrooms be open and available?

    Yes. Bathrooms in the concession stand will be open and available for fans and other visitors. Frequent handwashing is strongly encouraged.

    Are masks/face coverings required to be worn while attending games?

    No. Masks/face coverings are at the discretion of fans, players and coaches.

    Are all school facilities now open to the public?

    No. School facilities are only open for high school baseball and softball activities with the exception of the track.

    May community members and students use the track?

    Yes, on June 1, the track will be available for leisure and recreation but not organized workouts. Patrons are expected to exercise personal responsibility and maintain social distancing between household units.

    Should fans attend school activities if they are feeling ill?

    No. Fans must not attend if they have symptoms of illness.

    Can other sports begin off-season activities (open gyms, open field workouts, weight lifting, etc)?

    No. The guidance from IHSAA and the IGHSAU states: “In-person team organized activities for other sports remain suspended until July 1.” There are no open gyms, open field workouts, or supervised weightlifting sessions until July 1.

    Can high school students work out using the fitness center?

    Yes, beginning June 1. Students are allowed to enter and use the fitness center just as any other community member would, provided they follow any guidelines that are established by the Diamond Trail Fitness Center.

    Please contact Mike Parkinson, Lynnville-Sully Activities Director, at parkinson@lshawks.com