L-S welcomes 15 new staff members in K-12 (Hometown Press article)

posted Sep 8, 2017, 10:04 PM by webmaster@lshawks.org

Lynnville-Sully has kicked off the 2017-18 school year in memorable fashion. Superintendent Shane Ehresman reports a whopping 510 students are enrolled in grades K-12, a number that hasn’t been seen in nearly a decade. In addition to great enrollment numbers, L-S welcomed 15 new teachers and associates who have joined the team of Hawk staff members committed to the education and positive experiences of all Lynnville-Sully students.

The high school has welcomed eight new teachers and associates. New associates this year are Brooke Neimuth and Amber Mathis. Filling long-time teacher Dwight Beyer’s position at the high school level is Shelby Johnson. Angie Richards, a familiar face whose children attend L-S, will be teaching high school science classes. Mike Moran is the new 6-12 at-risk coordinator and fills the position once held by Mike Parkinson. Parkinson is now the high school social studies teacher, returning to the subject he taught at the middle school level previously at L-S. Greeting students with a friendly “hola” in the Spanish classroom will be Carrie Campbell.

The band and music departments both had positions to fill this summer. and the school board is happy to announce Victoria Hillabolt is the new band and fifth-twelfth grade general music instructor, and Franchesca Richter is taking over duties as the K-8 and high school vocal music instructor.

Seven teachers and associates have been warmly welcomed at the elementary and middle school level, many of them having years of experience as teachers or in an educational setting. Carrie Lowry, a 1999 Lynnville-Sully grad, is returning to her roots as the new first-grade teacher. Lowry’s husband, Brian, teachers high school vocational agriculture and the couple’s three children are all

L-S students.

Brenda Newell is serving as the new Title I Reading teacher. Newell is another familiar face who has been a Hawk supporter for years as the parent of an L-S grad and eighth grader. Newell replaces Jill Philby, who is now teaching kindergarten following the retirement of veteran teacher Carol Hite.

Another teacher joining her children at L-S is Melanie Sharp, the new middle school language arts teacher. Sharp is filling the role previously held by Norene Paulson, who retired following the 2016-17 school year. Like several of the new teachers, Sharp has been a Hawk fan since her elementary-age children started school at L-S.

New associates at the elementary and middle school level are Brianna Schroder, Katy Ewing, Lorna Elscott, and Emily Jochems. Combined, the associates bring years of educational experience to the positions.

Learn more about each of the new staff members in future issues of the Hawk Talk.