Notice to Bidders: Accepting Sealed Bids for Wired Network

posted Jan 24, 2018, 7:10 PM by Shane Wheeler

Lynnville-Sully CSD has submitted a E-Rate 470 form for sealed request for proposals for the wired network system.  Attached below is the full request for proposal. 

1.1  Purpose and Scope

            Lynnville-Sully CSD is looking to upgrade and replace the wired network.  The district currently has 3 closets connected using media converters and fiber.  The district is seeking to have installation, configuration, and replacement of its router, switches, UPS, and eliminate media converters to direct fiber connections.  LSCSD is also seeking to have two of the closets installed with secured/enclosed racks with cooling options, and training for staff on any new products installed.



  • Replace and condense switches on the wired network
  • Connect the main server room to 3 closets via direct fiber connections (eliminate media converters).
  • Install UPS, racks, and secure/enclosed racks for two main closets, with cooling options
  • Replace router
  • All installation, configuration, and programing of the installed products with train for technology staff. 



Lynnville-Sully CSD is also seeking bids for a wireless upgrade, but that is in a separate E-Rate bid.  Please refer to, for more information on that specific RFP. 


The District prefers that responding vendors have an office or other physical place of business within a range of 150 miles of the district location. This preference is in support of responding time for repairs and support of the proposed solutions.


All work to be performed under this RFP is contingent upon receipt of 2017-2018 Category 2 E-Rate funding and board approval.


The District reserves the right to waive any informality and to reject any or all proposals. Quantities could be reduced based on available funds.


Proposers are prohibited from contacting or lobbying members of the School Board, school district administrators, superintendent, school district employees, or school technicians. All contact in reference to this RFP is to be through Shane Wheeler at


A copy of this Request for Proposal (RFP) may be obtained from the District's website at


It is the sole responsibility of the "proposer" to monitor the District website for any amendments to the RFP.  For the purpose of this document the terms proposer, vendor and contractor are those entities representing the submission of a response to this RFP.

Shane Wheeler,
Jan 24, 2018, 7:10 PM