September 15, 2020 Lynnville-Sully CSD Weekly Newsletter & Past Newsletters

posted Sep 15, 2020, 6:36 AM by Webmaster lynnville-sully

An electronic district newsletter will be distributed on a weekly basis via JMC email, posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the front page of the school district website. The weekly newsletter will include school district updates and information. Each week, new information is provided to Iowa school leaders by the Iowa Department of Education, the Governor’s office, public health, and state educational groups. As we learn new information, communication will be distributed to Lynnville-Sully families.

Link to September 15, 2020 newsletter:

Link to September 8, 2020 newsletter:

Link to August 31, 2020 newsletter:

Link to August 24, 2020 newsletter:

Link to August 17, 2020 newsletter:
Link to August 10, 2020 newsletter: