Alberts recipient of Robert E. Sward Award (Hometown Press article)

posted Jun 2, 2017, 11:20 AM by Shane Ehresman

Alberts recipient of Robert E. Sward Award

On the last day of regular classes for middle school students on Thursday, May 25, the annual middle school awards ceremony was held to recognize and honor the students. Various groups were recognized and given certificates by middle school staff members and administration.

Among those students recognized were those who had perfect attendance, students who participated in sports, music, or band, and student council members. Another award, the Robert E. Sward Award, was also presented at the year-end recognition assembly. The Robert E. Sward Award is given annually in honor of the late Robert E. Sward, former long-time L-S Elementary principal, to an eighth-grade student who exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, citizenship, integrity, and scholarship. This year, Caitlin Alberts, daughter of Trent and Kari Alberts, was chosen as the recipient of this prestigious award.

On the last day of school, Friday, May 25, eligible middle school students enjoyed a day at Adventureland. Despite the rainy start to the day, the students had a good time at the theme park with friends before the start of summer break.