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FFA students compete in fruit sales (Hometown Press article)

posted Dec 15, 2016, 7:53 PM by Webmaster lynnville-sully

FFA students compete in fruit sales

This year, as in past years, FFA students under the leadership of Mr. Brian Lowry, FFA advisor and agriculture teacher, competed in the annual fruit sales to support the L-S FFA Chapter. The students sold fruit, along with meat and cheese products and candy throughout the month of October. The products were delivered on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Through the fruit broker, Four Seasons Fundraising of Norwalk, the L-S FFA Chapter chose to buy pears and apples from Washington, oranges and grapefruit from Texas, and clementines from California.

This year, gross fruit sales were down $2,500 from last year, at about $15,200. After the cost of the fruit and commissions totaling $767, the net profit to the FFA chapter was about $5,030. Senior Libbie Vos sold the most this year at $2,223. Lowry said 34 out of the 42 L-S FFA members participated in the fruit sales this year.

Lowry said the students learn speaking and organizing skills through the sales. “The FFA officers also get a chance to take a leadership role in the chapter,” said Lowry. “I think some students really enjoy fruit sales, and these students build great relationships with the customers after many years of sales.”