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L-S Art Show & Academic Fair draw appreciative crowd (Hometown Press article)

posted Apr 1, 2017, 8:50 PM by Webmaster lynnville-sully

L-S Art Show & Academic Fair draw appreciative crowd

The artistic talents of all kindergarten through twelfth-grade Lynnville-Sully artists were on display at the 14th Annual Art Show held in the L-S High School gym on Thursday, Mar. 24. Hundreds of admirers browsed through aisles of colorful and eclectic artwork throughout the entire evening. Eight seniors enjoyed their final show with special exhibits in the art gallery displaying pieces of work over the course of their school art careers.

This year marked K-12 art teacher Mrs. Tara Conover’s 14th year organizing the art show. The artwork hung on the makeshift gallery walls is a product of the students’ work over the course of the school year and the fourth quarter of last year. Work setting up displays started in earnest on Monday, Mar. 20, and two days later, a total of 74 pieces of plywood displayed close to 1,400 pieces of artwork, hung up by thousands and thousands of thumbtacks.

“I am so thankful for community support. It never is missed by many, and I appreciate the turnout for something that is not an athletic event. This is just once a year, and it seems like everyone comes out!” said Conover.

Once attendees finished admiring the works of art, the L-S Academic Fair featuring the classroom work of kindergar-ten through fifth-grade students beckoned their attention. Parents, family, and friends were invited into the classrooms for a glimpse at the special projects and activities the elementary students have been working on.

The senior parents again held a freewill- donation supper with all proceeds going towards after-prom party expenses.

Lori Vos, senior parent and after prom committee member, reports approximately 400 people enjoyed a hamburger or hot dog supper with sides, and the supper made $2,000.

Once the evening was over, it was time for clean up. After many years of organizing the art show, Conover has developed an efficient system to get everything down.

“Clean-up must be done that night, and I have a system that allows us to get it down in about 30 minutes if every high school art student helps plus honor society kids,” said Conover.

Art Show & Academic Fair Photo Gallery


Best Of Show

K         Carsen Kottenstette, Dalton Winegar

1st       Brooke Harthoorn, Jaden Arnett

2nd     Trace Carlson, Olivia Beyer

3rd      Saylor Van Wyk, Ana Van Wyk

4th      Corrina Rozendaal, Jakeira Hay

5th      Alexy Conover, Elise Alberts

6th      Greenlee Smock, Logan Baarda

7th      Aliya James, Ellie Dunsbergen

8th      Cally Gibbs, Denali Conover

9th      Kenzi Lanser, Faith Suiter

10th    Kaylee Maasdam, Isabell Smith

11th    McKinley Conover (two)

12th    Jelissa Rozendaal (two), Allison Renaud, Jessica Drafahl

Best of Show Honorable Mention

K         Rylinne Feenstra, Ayla Van Maanen

1st       Maicee O’Dell, Rhylee Rodger

2nd     Kamiya Lepley, Addison Collum

3rd      Emma Stonehocker, Matthew Mintle

4th      Avery Merten, Skyler Stoll

5th – Carson McFarland, Cheyanne Needham

6th – Kinsley Tice, Reese Dunsbergen

7th – Haley Mathis, Airika Lorton

8th – Korinne Jansen, Caitlin Alberts

9th – Mallory Loftus, Logan Ingersoll

10th – Emily Van Gorp, Ben Vander Molen

11th – Cody Gibbs, McKinley Conover

12th – Haley James, Alexis Hardenbrook, Libbie Vos, Ricky Farris

First State Bank

Calendar Awards

Brett Vanden Hoek, Sr., Advanced Art

Cody Gibbs, Jr., Advanced Art

Kaylee Maasdam, So., Advanced Art

Janelle Rozendaal, Fr., Art Foundations

Cayler Noun Harder, Eighth Grade

Lily Zylstra, Seventh Grade

Dylan Liekweg, Sixth Grade

Brooke Watson, Fifth Grade

Leah Philby, Fourth Grade

Morgan Hay, Third Grade

Asher Rozendaal, Second Grade

Breah Lowry, First Grade

Aubrey Harthoorn, Kindergarten