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L-S musicians wow the crowd at winter concert (Hometown Press article)

posted Dec 24, 2016, 8:06 AM by Shane Ehresman

L-S musicians wow the crowd at winter concert

On Dec. 15, the L-S High School and Middle School Music Departments performed a wide range of selections for the winter concert in front of a packed gym of family and friends.

The evening began with the L-S Jazz Ensemble. Their set list consisted of “Fat Cat” composed by Doug Beach and “Heatseeker” composed by Larry Barton. “Fat Cat” had two soloists, senior Zach Van Waardhuizen and sophomore Garret Cross. “Heatseeker” had six soloists – seniors Jim Trettin, John Trettin, and Van Waardhuizen, juniors Josh Dunsbergen and Jarred Bassett, and Cross.

Next, the sixth-grade band performed their numbers. Their set list included “Procession For a New Day” composed by James Swearingen, “Midnight Mission” composed by Brian Balmages, and “A Holly Jolly Christmas” composed by Johnny Marks and arranged by Jerry Nowak.

Next, the sixth-grade chorus performed “Merry, Merry, Joy, Joy” composed by Teresa Jennings. Their second song was “Carol From an Old Irish Cabin” composed by Dale Wood. Their last song was “Antiphonal Deck the Halls” composed by Greg Gilpin.

After the sixth grade completed their performances, the night moved on to the junior high students. The junior high chorus sang three songs. Their first song, which had three sections, was “Three A Cappella Latin Settings” composed by Jerry Estes. The three parts to that song were “Gloria,” “Et in Terra Pax,” and “Alleluia.” Their second song was “I See a Star” composed by Greg Gilpin. Lastly, they sang “A Jolly Jingling Carol Medley,” also composed by Gilpin.

The junior high band was up next to perform. They played three songs – “African Festival” arranged by Hilliard, “Bourbon Street Barbecue” composed by John Edmonson, and for the last song, the junior high teamed up with the high school band. Together they played “Holiday Greetings” composed by Anne McGinty.

After the junior high and high school band played their joint song, the high school band took over the stage.

“Band allows us to experience different music, sharpen our skills, and also have fun,” said senior Derik Allbee.

Their first song was “Viva La Vida,” written and composed by Coldplay and arranged by Tim Walters. Their second song was “Lexington March” composed by Karl King and arranged by Swearingen. Next, they performed “Silent Night” arranged by Swearingen. Lastly, they played “Alligator Alley” composed by Michael Daugherty.

“I thought the concert went really well for every ensemble. Every group was challenged in a different way and learned a lot preparing for this concert,” said band director Mr. Ryan McNulty.

After the high school band was done with their portion of the concert, the high school chorus finished the night.

“We met our goal of sounding more mature! The junior high also sounded more mature. If I didn’t see who it was, then I would have thought they were in high school,” said freshman Faith Suiter.

The high school chorus performed three songs. Their first song was “Noel” composed by Todd Smith and arranged by Brad Holmes. Their second song was “I Will Arise” arranged by Robert Shaw and Alice Parker. Their third and final song was “Sleigh Ride” composed by Mitchell Parish and Leroy Anderson and arranged by Beck.

“I thought the concert went incredibly well for the practices we had. This concert was by far the best performance of this selection of songs that we’ve had. I’m glad everyone got themselves together to be able to perform as well as we did,” said senior Jessica Drafahl.

“I thought the concert went really well. We’ve come a long way this semester in all the grades. The kids have been doing really well on hard songs. I’m hoping that we continue to work harder each day, and I’m excited to see what we will bring to the table at the spring concert. The kids have a lot of talent that has yet to be tapped into, and I’m excited to help them grow more in their voices,” said Miss Lexus Waymire, K-12 music teacher.

For those who were unable to attend the Dec. 15 concert, KGRN 1410 will broadcast the concert on Dec. 22 at 1 p.m.