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L-S partners with WPU to make strength and conditioning program stronger (Hometown Press article)

posted Aug 22, 2017, 6:47 PM by Webmaster lynnville-sully   [ updated Aug 22, 2017, 6:48 PM ]

L-S partners with WPU to make strength and conditioning program stronger

Lynnville-Sully has recently partnered with the William Penn University Department of Athletic Performance to further improve and grow L-S’s strength and conditioning program. This is a collaboration between the L-S Athletic Boosters, L-S administration and coaches, William Penn University (WPU), and the Diamond Trail Fitness Center.

This partnership officially commenced at the beginning of June, with trainers working with

L-S student-athletes throughout the summer.

Junior Gage Vander Leest is one student who has taken advantage of having access to trainers from WPU.

“Not only do they focus on strength, but they incorporate flexibility, speed, nutrition, and all conditioning into all of the workouts, which is something that we have never really focused on in the past,” Vander Leest said.

There are currently two trainers coming to L-S, Jasmine Rhodes and Derek Stork, and other trainers came to Sully throughout the summer.

Senior Skyler Young commented on the trainers, “They are really encouraging and friendly and make people want to come back to exercise.”

Nathaniel Stock, a junior, also added, “It’s nice having them around for advice and instruction on how to properly do things we don’t understand.”

Different lifting sessions will be offered throughout the year and will rotate between different in-season sports, off-season sports, and even a session for girls only. The latter session encourages female athletes to lift weights without feeling the commonly experienced “gymtimidation.” Junior Makayla Rozendaal is one of the athletes who has attended an all-girls session. “During the lift, I feel comfortable and feel like I am in a fun, encouraging environment,” she said.

L-S alum and WPU student Sage Ehresman (right) supports Slater Young doing a lateral pillar, a neck training protocol to reduce the risk of concussions.

Football coach Mike Parkinson is excited about the new program and how it’s already helping L-S student-athletes.

“We've seen a lot of improvement with those who've been consistently in the weight room,” he noted. “This summer, our boys and girls have worked hard, and having an expert in the weight room that connects with our athletes is a great thing for us. Granted, there are not huge improvements overall in only a month or two, but my personal goal with WPU running our weight program is that more students will improve on a yearly basis, getting stronger, faster, quicker, jump higher, and have a better bond together since they've worked hard together.”

Though Parkinson knows the collaboration with WPU will benefit the two teams he coaches – football and boys track – he wants all athletes to utilize the revitalized strength and conditioning program.

“I hope it builds an overall strength team that is not associated with any sport, but that all sports understand that our weight program is all about athletic development and improved performance and not a sports-specific workout,” Parkinson said. “This is a great development for us, and I look forward to having WPU help us build for the future but also continue to improve our current teams. We will see great benefits if our student-athletes buy in all year long, both in-season and off-season.”

Hopefully, as the year goes on, the program can grow even bigger and improvements will be shown on and off the competition field.