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Large Group Speech Contest Photos & Results - January 21, 2017

posted Jan 24, 2017, 7:43 AM by Webmaster lynnville-sully   [ updated Jan 24, 2017, 7:44 AM ]
Andrea B. and Isabella B. in Musical Theatre

Radio Broadcasting speaking with judge : Rebecca M., Jacob M. and Caitlyn B.

Front row:  Belle- Isabella B., Cinderella- Kaylee M., Arora- Tessa V. M., Princess Leia- Kayla V. D. and the Prince – Carson D.

Second Row: Auna- Caitlyn B.Jasmine- Rebecca M., Elsa- Carson F. ,Rapunzel- Baylee J., Mereda- Emily V. G.,  Pocahontas- Shiloh C., Snow White- Shaleah V. W., and Ariel- Maddeline M.

Improv team: James T. and Isaac C. talking to judge

Improv team: Mason D. and Carson D.

Large Group Speech Results - Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Disney Prince and Princesses Society had a meeting of the ‘dips’ on Saturday, January 21st at Ottumwa High School for Large Group Speech Contest and their performance earned the group a Division I rating. Large Group Speech coaches Melinda Hardin and Lexus Waymire took an additional five groups of students to perform at districts and four groups will continue on to state.

The Disney group judge stated that he enjoyed seeing the story behind the princesses - as it is not just Disney storylines at face value, but the theme of the issues presented. The audience learns the deeper lessons that the cast presents and it looked like the cast enjoyed themselves presenting. Carson Dunsbergen, the sole male prince cast member, said,  “it was one of our best performances, and I know we will have to do better at state.” First timer at large group group speech was Emily Van Gorp, who said she  “was really nervous when we were waiting to perform, but when we got in there it was a great time.”

The Disney group members consisted of Tessa Van Manen (Arora), Shiloh Cunningham (Pocahontas), Kaylee Maasdam (Cinderella),  Maddeline Mintle (Ariel), Carson Fisk (Elsa), Caitlyn Bartholomew (Auna), Rebecca Morningstar (Jasmine), Shaleah Van Wyk (Snow White), Baylee Jansen (Rapunzel), Emily Van Gorp (Mereda), Isabella Bogaard (Belle), Kayla Van Dyke (as herself and Princess Leia) and Carson Dunsbergen (Aladdin).

The Musical Theatre performance consisting of sisters Isabella Bogaard and Andrea Bogaard presented the “The Motherhood March” from the Broadway show “Hello Dolly!” and earned a Division I rating. The judge said that they had lots of fun and energy in the program as well as sounding great together.

Isaac Collins and James Trettin brought in another Division 1 rating with their ‘eating something you are allergic to’ situation in their improvisation performance. The creativity shown along with the energy kept the audience easily entertained.

The Dunsbergen Duo of Carson and Mason, brought home a DIvision I rating with their improvisation skit of ‘applying chapstick to a mountain lion.’ This ensemble worked well together as they came up with a creative interpretation of their situation. The judge commented that Mason’s accent to the story line made the setting believable and added to the character that he portrayed.

Both radio broadcasting groups fell short of the ratings to move on to state, however, the experience of putting together a news program will help them understand the technical aspects of this event. The team Canary 941 included Caitlyn Bartholomew, Jacob Morningstar and Rebecca Morningstar and 500 Ace included Bret Stravers, Derik Allbee, Madeline Mintle, Skyler Redding and Tessa Van Manen. The judge mentioned that even with radio, one has to create a visual, everything has to do with voice and it is important to be all vocal. Caitlyn Bartholomew who was in choral reading and radio broadcasting stated that, “overall,  it was a enjoyable experience.”