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LS Individual Speech team brings home THREE Division I ratings and THREE Division II ratings from State Speech!

posted Mar 14, 2017, 8:38 AM by Shane Wheeler   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 8:38 AM ]

Five students took off early on March 11th to head to Shellsburg-Vinton School District for the 2017 Individual State Speech contest along with coach Ms. Melinda Hardin. For being up against as many students as the LS team did, they pulled their fair share of Division I and II ratings. Senior Isabella Bogaard, and sophomores Caitlyn Bartholomew, Kaylee Maasdam, Maddeline Mintle, and Tessa Van Maanen brought home three Division I ratings and three Division II ratings for the day at IHSSA’s State Individual Speech competition. Senior James Trettin and sophomore Carson Dunsbergen also qualified for state but opted out of performing because of personal commitments.

Isabella Bogaard’s characters were well defined in her prose selection in “Father” that earned her a Division I rating. A judge commented that Bogaard, “made the story real and she understood the emotions and situation of the story.”

Kaylee Maasdam said, “It’s been a long day” before performing her poetry on “Just Let Him Send A Valentine.’ At the end of the day, Maasdam came home with a Division I rating with one of the judges stating that, “…. you found many levels of emotion and found ways to use your vocal arsenal to express them.”

Maddeline Mintle qualified to perform in two separate categories and had a lot of energy in her storytelling piece titled “The Biggest Bear” which earned her a Division II rating. On Mintle’s public address over the “Ohio State University Commencement Address,” Mintle projected feelings of strength, power and patriotism which she received a Division I rating.

Tessa Van Maanen’s “An Open Letter to Students Returning to School” – a public address performance earned her a Division II rating.  Caitlyn Bartholomew had fun day experiencing Individual Speech for the first time and performing several poetry selections with the theme of roads not taken. Bartholomew earned a Division II rating and her judges liked the background explanation of why the poems were written by the individual authors. “Making it to state to perform is an honor and the girls had a good experience and will come back stronger next year,” stated Coach Hardin.