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Rooting for L-S wrestlers (Hometown Press article)

posted Dec 24, 2016, 7:57 AM by Shane Ehresman

Rooting for L-S wrestlers

To find some of the L-S wrestling team’s biggest supporters, look no further than the Hawks’ cheerleaders. The four girls out for wrestling cheerleading this year can be found matside promoting Hawk pride at each meet and tournament. And their work extends beyond the mat as well.

A pair of seniors, Kristine Jaennette and Mikayla Smith, serve as the captains of the cheer squad with freshmen Faith Suiter and Destiny Torres rounding out the team.

The girls began practicing for the season the first week of November and receive coaching from Lynn Dunsbergen.

“We meet every Tuesday after school at my house, where the girls are greeted with snacks and hot chocolate or hot tea,” Dunsbergen explained. “I feel that they are in a school setting so much, it's nice for them to get away and have a more relaxed atmosphere where they can unwind a little and have some fun and fellowship before we get started with practice.”

With the two new freshman faces on the squad this year, Dunsbergen said the senior girls did a lot of teaching to get the newcomers ready for the first meet back on Dec. 1.

Dunsbergen explained just what all is involved in being a wrestling cheerleader. The girls attend all competitive wrestling events and will pick certain cheers to do for each wrestler. At times at the meets, the opposing cheerleaders will do the same cheer with the L-S girls, which is fun to watch, Dunsbergen noted. Also, the last few years, the cheerleaders have made pins for the boys, and if a wrestler pins his opponent, the senior girls will hand him one of the pins to keep. The girls also always have a bonding day early in the season where they go shopping for supplies to make their pillows they use to sit on to cheer at most schools.