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Scandridge coaches second generation of athletes (Hometown Press article)

posted Jul 18, 2017, 9:15 PM by Webmaster lynnville-sully

Scandridge coaches second generation of athletes

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Throughout Bob Scandridge's 31 years of coaching and teaching, he has been able to validate this. Scandridge recently celebrated senior night as a coach for the Lynnville-Sully baseball team. He not only coached all three graduating seniors, but their fathers as well.

Scandridge started at Lynnville-Sully in 1988. He teaches industrial arts and has coached football (1988-2006), assistant coached football (2010-2013), baseball (1989-1992, 1995-1996, 2014-present), and assistant coached wrestling (1988-2012). He has also been the athletic director for 13 years. The longer he’s at L-S, the more double generation kids he starts to teach. He has coached 11 second-generation families, and there are more and more coming up.

The Hawks were conference champions this year, which they haven’t been since 2001. The baseball team had three seniors this year: Isaac Collins, son of Tim and Samantha Collins; Caden Dunsbergen, son of Tim and Nicole Dunsbergen; and Tyler Van Zante, son of Jason and Michelle Van Zante. Scandridge coached all three dads in either baseball and/or football.

Coach Bob Scandridge (back row, far left) is pictured in 1992 with some of the parents of his current players: Jason Van Zante (back row, second from left, #15), Dustin Dunsbergen (back row, in center, #45), and Tim Collins (front row, second from the right).

Tim C. played football and baseball from 1990-1994, but only three of those years under Coach Scandridge. He played left field and caught for the Hawks.

“Coach found a way to get the most out of us players by enjoying the game and demanding respect for the game,” noted Tim C. “I feel Coach still demands the respect of his players today and has built the program to have a positive attitude when his players take the field.”

Tim C.’s son, Isaac, plays first, third, and designated hitter for the Hawks and is a two-year letterwinner. Tim C. has two other sons currently in the baseball program: Junior Elijah Collins, who plays third and pitches, and sophomore Abram Collins, found in the outfield.

Scandridge noted some of the similarities – and differences – between the Collins generations.

“I could always count on Tim to get the job done, and I see a passion for baseball in his sons just like he had,” Scandridge said. “Tim was a player of few words, unlike his boys now.”

Tim C. is pleased his sons get to play under the same coach as he did all those years ago.

“For me, it has been a real privilege to have Coach Scandridge coach my sons and instill a positive attitude and teach them some life lessons along their journey through high school and baseball,” Tim C. said.

Tim Dunsbergen did not play baseball for Scandridge, but had him as a coach for football and wrestling for three years. Tim D.’s older son, Blake, was the first double generation player that Scandridge had. Another one of his sons, Caden Dunsbergen, is a senior on this year's squad, playing centerfield for the Hawks. Caden Dunsbergen has been a letterwinner for three years.

Seniors on Lynnville-Sully’s baseball team have a special bond with L-S Head Coach Bob Scandridge as he has coached both the boys and their fathers in his 31-year coaching career: Front, Caden Dunsbergen, Elijah Collins, Tyler Van Zante; back, Tim Dunsbergen, Tim Collins, Coach Bob Scandridge, and Jason Van Zante. Photo by Taylor Photography.

“I see the willingness to be coached and to do anything for the team,” commented Scandridge on Tim D. and his boys. Tim D. has another son, junior Carson Dunsbergen, who catches. He talked about what it’s like to have Scandridge for a coach.

“He is very intense and competitive, and I can tell that he knows what he is talking about,” Carson said. “It is special to have a coach that has coached my dad and my older brothers.”

Jason Van Zante played football and baseball from 1988-1991. He played outfield his sophomore and junior years and caught his senior year.

“My greatest memory is getting second in state junior year,” said Jason.

Tyler shared his greatest memories as well, saying, “Winning conference this year as a senior and seeing the program grow over the past four years.”

Jason was part of the 1988 and 1989 conference champion teams. “Coach always had a good sense of humor and related to the kids well,” Jason recalled. “He was a little bit fierier back then and might be a little more laid-back now.”

Tyler is a four-year letterwinner found in the infield and on the mound.

“Both Jason and Tyler have a wide knowledge and passion for the game of baseball,” commented Scandridge.

There are four more second-generation players on the current Hawk baseball team: freshman Slater Young, son of Nathan and Stephanie Young; freshman Kinnick McFarland, son of Ryan and Dana McFarland; sophomore Evan Squires, son of Chad and Michelle Squires; and junior Josh Dunsbergen, son of Dustin and Dana Dunsbergen.

Fun Q-and-A with Coach Scandridge

Q: Have you ever accidentally called a son by their father’s name?

A: “That might be a question you have to ask the sons. I find myself calling them by their siblings' names, and I am sure I slip in their parents every now and then if I get excited.”

Q: Does it make you feel old to have coached two generations?

A: “I prefer not to use the word old, but seasoned with wisdom. I find coaching second-generation players very rewarding and enjoyable. I notice a lot of common themes between father and son. I feel truly blessed to have these opportunities.”

Q: Do you plan to coach until the next generation?

A: “Are you asking for three generations? I think I need to get through a lot more second-generation kids first. We will see how long I will be able to keep swinging a bat.