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Asset Disposal

Lynnville-Sully Community School District is seeking bids for Apple products to be recycled. A list of serial numbers is provided.  Assets have been removed from management and the firmware passwords have been cleared. Cords/chargers will be returned with MacBook products and some iPad 2 products.

Serial Numbers can be found at:


Lynnville-Sully uses a third-party IT firm.  Contact information for IT firm is:

Leslie Althoff | ITS


22068 Business Highway 151 • Monticello, IA 52310


Devices will be available for pickup from/shipping from:

Lynnville Sully CSD

12476 Hwy. F62 E

Sully, IA 50251

Devices will be organized in one location, located at ground level with an overhead door. There is no loading dock. There is ample room for re-packaging or organizing on vendor-provided pallets.

Please provide your bid information and address the topics listed below. Bids are due by December 9, 2020 and should be emailed to: itsadmin@lshawks.com.  Questions are welcome until December 9 and should be addressed to leslie@infrastructuretech.net.  ITS may follow-up with questions after receiving bids. Bids will go before the school board on December 21.

  1. Company Information

    1. Location(s)

    2. Length of time in business

    3. Summary of services

    4. List 1-3 other Iowa/Midwest schools as references

    5. Contact information

  2. Grading System - how do you grade your assets?

    1. Age/model considerations

    2. Cords (grade with and without)

    3. Quality 

  3. Pricing System - how do you price assets?

    1. Estimate of pricing for our list of serial numbers

  4. Machine Cleanup Requirements - what prep work needs completed by school?

    1. Firmware

    2. Apple School Manager

    3. MDM (JAMF)

    4. Provisions if machines are have missed steps above

  5. Pickup/Shipping System - how do you retrieve assets?

    1. Onsite requirements for school/technology staff

    2. Shipping considerations

    3. Timeline for shipping/removal of assets