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Staff Emails & Websites


 Superintendent Ext.103 Shane Ehresman email website
 Superintendent's Secretary  Ext.101 Lorie Van Soelen email 
 Business Manager & Board Secretary Ext.129 Karla De Cook email
 9-12 Principal & Technology Director
 Ext.102 Shane Wheeler email 
 High School Principal's Secretary Ext.100 Susan Jansen email 
 PreK-8 Principal Ext.124 Teri Bowlin email 
 PreK-8 Principal's Secretary Ext.125 Michelle Squires email 

K-12 Staff

 K-12 Art Tara Conover email website
 K-12 Instrumental Music Victoria Hillabolt email 
 K-12 Vocal Music Franchesca Richter email 
 K-12 Guidance Nicole DeBoef email 
 K-12 Librarian Marsha Berndt email
 K-12 Food Service Director Shelley Vander Molen email 
 K-12 Lunch Secretary
 Cathy Fraker email 
 K-12 Head Custodian  Ryan Kahler email 
 K-12 Nurse Justine Wyma email 
 K-12 Transportation Director Ken Van Soelen email
 K-12 Director of Technology Shane Wheeler email 
 K-12 Technology Assistant Eric Jones email 
 TLC Learning & Systems (LS) Leader Lisa Foster email 

Elementary Staff

 Preschool - Diamond Trail Elizabeth Harthoorn email 
 Preschool - Inspirations Melissa Watson email 
 Kindergarten Jill Philby email 
 Kindergarten Sara Johnson email 
 First Grade Jennifer Rozendaal email 
 First Grade Carrie Lowry email 
 Second Grade Cindy Gibbs email 
 Second Grade Lisa Martin email website
 Third Grade Beth Yoder email 
 Third Grade Nichelle Plate email 
 Third Grade Sabrina Edsen email
 Fourth Grade Denise Brillhart email 
 Fourth Grade Jessica Winegar email 
 Fifth Grade Hannah Boehmer email 
 Fifth Grade McKenzee Downing email 
 Elementary & MS P.E./Reading Nick De Penning email 
 Special Education Teacher Abbie Lanke email 
 Special Education Teacher April Mintle email 
 Special Education Teacher Jill Schuring email 
 K-3 Title 1 Reading Brenda Newell email 
 K-8 Talent and Gifted/Reading Colleen Taylor email 
 Part-time Library Associate Dianne James email 
 Part-time Library Associate Heidi Squires email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Jean Van Der Kamp email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Grace Vander Weerdt email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Cassie Bokhoven email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Dawn Allbee email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Brianna Schroder email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Katy Ewing email 
 One-on-One Special Ed. Associate Lorna Elscott email 
 Special Education Classroom Associate Angie Braafhart email 
 Special Education Classroom Associate Emily Jochems email 
 Day Custodian 
 Ryan Kahler email 
 Evening Custodian Randy Hoover email 

Middle School Staff

 Language Arts Kevin Johnson email website
 Language Arts Melanie Sharp email 
 Math Jeff Corbett email 
 Science Joel Harthoorn email website
 Social Studies Brad Bowlin email 
 Special Education Teacher Lesa O'Dell email 
 Special Education Classroom Associate Lynnette Fikse email 
 Special Education Classroom Associate Tonya Guthrie email

High School Staff

 Physical Education Darin Arkema email 
 Math Shelby Johnson email 
 Special Education Associate Barb Suiter email 
 Special Education Associate Bob Guthrie email 
 6-12 At-Risk Coordinator Mike Moran email 
 6-12 At-Risk Associate Amber Mathis email 
 Family and Consumer Sciences Gelene Evans email website
 Language Arts Melinda Hardin email website
 Agricultural Education Brian Lowry email website
 Social Studies Mike Parkinson email website
 Special Education Teacher Jennifer Pryke email website
 Business Education/TAG Sara Rowe email website
 Industrial Arts/Activities Dir. Bob Scandridge email website
 Spanish Sierra Kome email 
 Math Heidi Van Wyk email website
 Language Arts/Journalism Joel Vos email website
 Science Angie Richards email 
 Evening Custodian Barb McClure email